Sunday, 12 August 2012

Nike Fuel Band..a good start, but needs a few iterations

So I got my fuel band for Christmas of my partner, great gift I'm a bit portly, at 5'11 and approx 18 stone in weight, I need all the help I can get.

Got it out the box, charged it up and was away... I'll be thin in no time... Or at least should be.

Not quite happening yet, due to demands of work, and having a son who brings lurg home and spreads it after every visit from nursery... Spring will be when it happens honest.

For this post I will expend my time and energy, not on dissecting the data from my daily wear of the band, but for some suggestions on how nike could improve the thing, just ideas, in a random order unrelated to each other...

1. Kinetic motion charging - Come on guys if it can get in a Seiko, you can get it in a band, and reward people with extra credits to ensure their training contributes to charging.

2. Soft half to the rear of the band with heart rate monitor - Activate for training periods. This could reduce the amount of exercise poorly allocated by the fuel band such as a binge drinking session (don't forget to put the band on your drink lifting arm)

3. The app - Sync locally to iPad and iPhone without Internet connection - easy win for those out and about who want to look at their data

4. What about receiving text messages for your phone on it via the Bluetooth, So the missus can tell you to stop by the fish and chip shop after your evening jog

5. Accessories: scales - No brainer

6. Accessories: tape measure - Actually see the weight come off

7. Nike fuel pouches - NASA style food pouches marked up for calorific value so you have a strict diet. Zero point measuring the calories you burn if you don't measure the calories that fuel the fire. Scan em with your fuel app

Okay that's enough for this post... Next one will be about the data that wearing the fuel band has created, and if I'm faster fitter or fatter.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Windows and Nokia doomed to fail?

So we are a few months in, Nokia has joined forces with Windows mobile and put a handset or two out there running windows.

Point 1.  Nokia are not too great a performer in the smart phone market, candy bars (you know those ancient things with buttons that look like chocolate segments) are where its at for them
Point 2.  Microsoft windows phone is a great OS, but tainted with poor heritage in the mobile market.
Point 3.  Windows OS has great integration with Microsoft office products
point 4.  Nokia's ad campaign was/is targeted at the youth market

So why did they go for youth when the OS integration best suits business? Much more of a market differentiator than going for youth in an andriod dominated market, especially as BlackBerry are losing a bit of traction.

I'll give a little nod to the Zune area of the OS and Xbox, but its not enough to create a market differentiator, Itunes is the market leader for storing music and in the console market it's a three horse race with playstation. Wii and XBox almost level players.

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